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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Special: focus on aluminum alloy profile research and development and manufacturing, in the industrial field to do deep and fine, in the industrial scale and brand stronger and bigger;

Excellent: excellent quality is the foundation of phoenix aluminum standing;

Fast: to meet the market demand fast, fast production and delivery is the prominent characteristics of Phoenix aluminum;

Strict: the management standard is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

Business Philosophy

Quality concept: quality is the starting point of the value and dignity of phoenix aluminum;

Research and development concept: market demand is the fundamental direction and pointer of phoenix aluminum research and development;

Manufacturing concept: to pursue industrial specialization and product diversification;

Talent concept: talent is the core competitiveness of enterprise development.

Corporate Vision

Continue to lead the development of China’s aluminum profile industry.

To become a global influential aluminum alloy product research and development, manufacturing and service provider.

To become the world’s highly competitive and socially recognized outstanding brand enterprises.

Core Corporate Values

Honesty: the foundation of the enterprise.

Innovation: the source of enterprise development.

Responsibility: the morality of enterprise self-cultivation.

Win-win: the way of enterprise survival.

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