Setting Up Your Polar Aurora canopy 10×20 pop up tent: A Step-by-Step Important Guide

how to put up a polar aurora canopy 10×20 pop up tent

A Polar Aurora 10×20 pop up tent is a fantastic solution for providing ample shade and shelter during outdoor events, parties, or even as a carport. Setting up a large canopy like this might seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple steps and a little help, you can have your shelter up and ready to go in no time. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of putting up your Polar Aurora 10×20 pop-up tent, ensuring a successful and stress-free assembly.


Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools and equipment ready. You will need:

  1. The Polar Aurora 10×20 pop up tent kit
  2. A flat and level surface for setup
  3. At least two people (assembly is much easier with an extra set of hands)
  4. A hammer or mallet for driving the stakes
  5. Tent stakes or weights (for added stability)
  6. Guy lines (optional, but recommended for windy conditions)
  7. The instruction manual provided with your canopy

Step-by-Step Assembly:

  1. Lay Out the Canopy: Unpack your Polar Aurora 10×20 pop up tent and lay out all the components in the vicinity of your chosen setup location. Ensure the ground is clear of any debris or obstacles.
  2. Expand the Frame: With the help of your assistant, grasp the frame from opposite sides and gently pull it apart. The frame is designed to pop up and lock into place. Each leg section should click into position, securing the frame.
  3. Extend the Legs: Start extending the legs to your desired height. Make sure they click securely into place. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the legs to ensure the canopy is level, especially if the ground is uneven.
  4. Attach the Canopy Fabric: Carefully drape the canopy fabric over the frame. It should have Velcro straps or clips that attach to the frame’s crossbars. Go section by section, securing the fabric to the frame. Make sure it’s evenly stretched and taut.
  5. Secure the Canopy: Once the canopy fabric is attached, secure the corners and edges using the provided straps or clips. This will help ensure the fabric stays in place during windy conditions.
  6. Optional Accessories: If you’re setting up your canopy in a windy area, it’s a good idea to use guy lines. Attach these to the appropriate points on the canopy and stake them into the ground for added stability.
  7. Weight or Stake Down: Depending on the surface you’re setting up on, use either weights or stakes to anchor the canopy. For grass or soil, you can use stakes; for hard surfaces like concrete, use weights. Hammer or mallet the stakes into the ground at a 45-degree angle away from the canopy legs for optimal stability.
  8. Check for Stability: Once everything is set up, check to ensure your canopy is stable and secure. Make any necessary adjustments to the leg height or guy lines for added stability.
Aurora canopy 10x20 pop up tent
Polar Aurora canopy 10x20 pop up tent


Setting up your Polar Aurora 10×20 pop up tent is a manageable task with the help of a friend and by carefully following the provided instructions. This versatile and spacious canopy can provide a shady and sheltered space for various outdoor events, from parties to car storage. Just remember to secure it properly, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your outdoor activities with confidence.

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